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Cynthia W. Crowley
Direct: 917-673-6480

1120 Park Avenue, 12C
205 West End Avenue, 7A
142 East 16th Street, 5H
30 West 74th Street, 1A
316 West 47th Street, 1FW

240 East 47th Street, 38DE
60 East 8th Street, 33E
128 East 16th Street
25 Central Park West, 7W
342 West 85th Street, 3C - Sale
160 West 85th Street, 5B
140 West 71st Street, 8A
400 East 51st Street, 5E
342 West 85th Street
1 Irving Place, U21C
50 Lexington Avenue, 4E
301 East 87th Street, 8A
400 East 56th Street, 38R
301 East 87th Street, 7E
115 West 96th Street, #7
178 East 80th Street, 15A
33 Greenwich Avenue, 4K
401 East 74th Street, 8D
165 West 18th Street, 1B
343 East 30th Street, 4C
343 East 30th Street, 14P
108 Leonard Street, 8L
201 East 17th Street, 8A
442 Union Street
345 East 56th Street, 10J
380 Riverside Drive, 4Q
125 East 84th Street, 3D
20 West 64th Street, 16T
7 East 35th Street, 4E
165 East 32nd Street, 15E
86 Horatio Street, 5C
1 Irving Place, U21C
136 West 78th Street, 4th Floor
350 East 30th Street, 1D
421 Hudson Street, #711
125 East 84th Street, MR1/2
200 West 20th Street
60 Riverside Boulevard, 1402
245 Bennett Avenue, 7C
280 Park Avenue South, 16L
340 East 74th Street, 5F
25 Tudor City Place, 312/314
434 West 47th Street, 1W
235 West End Avenue, 15C
315 East 68th Street, 16Q
301 East 87th Street, 23A
39 West 67th Street, 302
410 Central Park West, 1/2D
50 West Street, 35A
126 Riverside Drive, 6B
300 East 33rd Street, 17L
139 West 82nd Street, Medical Office
139 West 82nd Street, 1CD
400 Central Park West, 6G
375 West End Avenue
160 West 86th Street, 9th Floor
441 14th Street, Brooklyn
340 East 74th Street, 4F
36 Sutton Place South, 15A
205 Third Avenue 6D
101 West 79th Street, 15A
17 West 54th Street, 9A
336 West End Avenue, 6E
210 Riverside Drive, 4D
45 East 72nd Street, Medical
155 East 38th Street, 3G
350 West 50th Street, 20F
1270 Fifth Avenue, 1B
212 Warren Street, 25C
440 East 79th Street, 12D
516 West 47th Street, N6A
372 Central Park West, 11XY
220 Riverside Boulevard, 17B
603 West 148th Street, 3D
400 Central Park West, 3S
205 West 89th Street, 8R
220 Riverside Boulevard, 6M
400 Central Park West, 3S
640 West End Avenue, 3D
357 West 55th Street, 4m
392 Central Park West, 6D
470 West End Avenue, 5C
348 West 38th Street, 10B
497 Greenwich Street 5C
42 West 13th Street, 3CD
324 West 23rd Street, 2A
400 CPW, 1F
277 West End Avenue, 14D
324 West 23rd Street, 2B
300 East 71st Street, 18D
25 Central Park West, 8W
275 West 96th Street, 16F
129 West 89th Street, 62
107 East 31st Street, 6A
150 East 56th Street, 6G
277 West End Avenue, 7E
6 Varick Street, 4B
40 East 78th Street, 7F
300 East 71st Street, 15E
1 River Terrace, 9L
184 Thompson Street, 6J
25 CPW Apt 8W
220 Manhattan Avenue, 4F
225 West 60th Street, 7C
350 East 77th Street, 1L
357 West 55th Street
271 West 70th Street, 1F
275 West 96th Street, 8G (rent)
250 East 40th Street, 21E
330 East 38th St, 22Q (sale)
320 West 90th Street, 3DE
157 East 32nd Street, 4B
1-2 River Terrace, 9L
251 East 32nd Street, 16B
300 E 33rd Street, 17L
200 East 32nd Street, 23E
155 East 49th Street, 8C
320 West 90th Street, 3F
300 E. 75th Street, 17D
150 West 51st Street, 1019
250 East 40th Street, 26E
271 W 70th Street, 2E
330 East 38th Street, 7I
200 West 54th Street, 4H
35 West 92nd Street, 7G
301 East 64th Street, 11C
270 West 17th Street, 18G
320 West 90th Street, 4F
35 West 92nd Street, 6G
165 West End Avenue, 2L
330 East 49th Street
433 East 56th Street, 7D
171 East 84th Street, 8F
220 Riverside Blvd., 8G
20 West 72nd Street, 305A
333 East 34th Street, 7F
205 East 76th Street, 7
215 East 24th Street, 207
308 East 79th Street, 12J
415 East 37th Street Apt 30F
West 22nd Street
357 West 55th Street, 5G
111 Central Park North, 15C
433 East 56th Street, 5B
300 East 55th Street, 3D
300 East 55th Street, 4F
116 West 22nd Street, #3
30 West Street, 21C
205 East 63rd Street, 5H
179 East 70th Street, 2C
382 Central Park West, #15G
301 East 48th Street, #9J
250 East 40th Street #15B
170 West End Avenue, #27E
1 Irving Place, P15C
30 West 61st Street, 21C
440 West End Avenue, 3F
175 West 12th Street, 8K
382 Central Park West, 18U
142 West End Avenue/66th St
66 Madison Avenue
171 East 84th Street, 26D
305 East 72nd Street, 13DE
310 East 49th St.
372 CPW, 11XY
275 West 96th Street, 8G
250 West 90th Street, 10A
215 West 95th Street, PHE
420 East 64th Street, E3B
251 East 51st St.
2 Columbus Ave.
420 East 64th St.
340 East 93rd Street
240 East 79th Street
333 East 75th Street
401 East 60th Street (II)
401 East 60th Street (I)
440 East 56th Street
245 East 54th St.
255 East 49th Street
63 East 9th St.
33 East End Avenue (II)
33 East End Avenue (I)
77 Park Avenue
275 West 96th St.
185 West End Ave.
255 West 85th St.
229 West 16th St.
392 Central Park West
201 East 79th St.
330 East 38th St, 22Q
205 Third Ave.
345 East 56th St.,


Director of Relocation
Past President, Manhattan Association of Realtors

Cynthia Crowley on
Good Morning America

"How to Make Money in Real Estate"

Cynthia Crowley has been with Olshan Realty since 1984, primarily overseeing the sales and management of Olshan's corporate and investor sales inventory. One of Manhattan's most prolific agents, she has successfully negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and rentals. While Cynthia manages nearly all showings herself, her accomplished staff assures that inquiries on her exclusives are quickly answered, and appointments promptly met.

A Certified Review Appraiser since 1987, she also appraises hundreds of apartments annually for corporate and asset management clients. This work gives her vast exposure to all types of apartments in all parts of the city, and assures that her finger is on the pulse of the market. Her sales and listing data are extensive, and she is consulted on a daily basis by New York's leading appraisers.

Cynthia is a founding director and Past President of the Manhattan Association of Realtors, and helped integrate the city's first multiple listing system. She has lectured nationally on Manhattan real estate, and been honored by the City of New York with a Proclamation for "Outstanding Service to the City of New York" on behalf of the Real Estate Industry. She has been featured on CBS News, Good Morning America (ABC) and the BBC.

  • Princeton University, BA History
  • 4 Time National Tae Kwon Do Champion
  • Board of Directors, New York State Association of Realtors; past member
  • Board of Directors, Manhattan Association of Realtors; past president
  • Board of Directors, LPGA Amateurs Westchester
  • Who's Who of American Women

Cynthia Crowley on CBS Evening News October 2005

Cynthia Crowley with host Kate Snow on Good Morning America.

Cynthia with Speaker Gifford Miller, receiving a Proclamation from the City of New York for her efforts on behalf of the real estate community

Cynthia W. Crowley

Direct Phone: 917-673-6480
Fax: 212-751-3577


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