June 17-23, 2019
Twenty-nine contracts were signed last week at $4 million and above, the highest total of the year. More good news: Last week also marked the 2nd highest dollar volume of the year---$290,535,000.

Which prompts the question: Was last week’s robust totals a function of falling interest rates, the big June bounce in the stock market, or perhaps a combination of the two?

Stat Geek Alert: So far, the 2nd quarter of 2019 is heading for a 13 % decline in the number of contracts signed over 2018. This despite the fact that buyers had the chance to close before the increase in the New York State Mansion Recording Tax, which comes into effect on July 1. Which brings us to…..

The No. 1 contract was PH94A at 432 Park, asking $41 million. This unit had an executed contract and then closed on the same day. The ...


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